Agribay, connecting sellers to buyers

Agribay is a new way to connect the farming community to the market enhancing the community, environment, and wellbeing by reducing needless waste & increasing yields.

The agricultural industry is between a rock and a hard place. Large organisations such as grocers can demand unrealistic specifications and requirements for picture perfect high visual standards that compound the challenges already faced by our farmers and producers.

Large organisations also may require contracts with options, requiring producers to produce excess volumes that may or may not be called off all at the producers own risk.

Often the reality is nature will affect the look, feel and size of an item or produce a glut, resulting in the planned market being either removed or reduced. The producer has limited options either accept the price offered, if there is one, or alternatively and quickly find another market or plough the produce back into the ground. Without a buyer there can bewasted resources, i.e. land use, fertilisers, pesticides, fuel and labour.

Agribay will offer an industry specific quick and simple way of connecting the two communities, creating value, reducing waste, reducing cost and environmental impact.

Agribay will be the market place for all types of production both niche and main stream providing opportunities for diversification and additional value. The produce that will be covered will be expansive, spanning from Silage, Hay, Straw, Oilseed rape oil, Linseed oil, Sugar beet, Peas, Beans, Vegetables, Plants, Flowers, Potatoes, Fruit Soft, fruit, Milk, Beef, Calves, Sheep Lamb, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Seaweed, Exotic breeds, Animal feed, Energy source, Maize, Grains, Cereals, Hops, Forestry, Fungi, Seeds, Bulbs, Foliage, Indoor plants, Outdoor plants, Genetics, Herbs …..

from Feed to Fennel & Flowers to Flax, Agribay will connect demand to supply.

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